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Killers: Alec and Verra
Sue/Stus: Edward and Bella
Author: Stephanie Myers
Note: I actually haven't gotten to the part in the book where Edward sparkles. But that's okay.

Sunlight glistened off Edward's skin like light refracting off of granite. It made his perfection even more unreal. Like Michelangelo's David he was the ultimate in human, in masculine beauty come to life. I could do nothing but stare, my heart just caught in my throat, not knowing what to say. He gave me that half smile of his and I once again realized that he was the one for me.

Suddenly, out of no where, I heard this scream. Edward turned swiftly in its direction and I saw a blur of movement. When it stopped, Edward's head rolled towards my feet. So shocked I couldn't make out a scream.

Standing over the body was a man with a sword. He wore a pleased expression on his face as he looked over the body. All I could see of him was dark hair and pointed ears. He wore jeans and a tee-shirt with combat boots.

A woman stepped out of the woods and started to berate the man, "Alec, you idiot, that was a main character, not a Stu."

"But he sparkled! Vampires don't sparkle!"

"I don't care! He was still a main character."

He threw up his hands. "Fine, fine..." And then he noticed me. We stared at each other, eyes locked. I felt like he could see right into my very soul. That he could see into my soul and was measuring it for worth. "What about her?" he asked his companion.

Shaking her head, she said, "Might as well. If you're going to kill one, you might as well kill the other."

Face lighting up, he pointed a finger at me. A bolt of flame leaped from the finger and headed straight for me and I knew there was nothing I could do to
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Title Seduction
Rating I'm gonna go with R for well, creepy material/subject matter.
Summary Edward is a stalker.

Sometimes, Edward reflected, it was too easy. Sitting in the rocking chair, watching Bella sleep he restrained a chuckle. When he first saw Bella that day in school oh so short but long time ago, he knew he found the perfect toy. He could read her anxiety as easily as he could read a textbook. He could read her mind even, but he knew her desire to feel special and decided to pretend like he couldn't.

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