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How the Da Vinci Code should have really happened.

The click of an empty chamber echoed through the corridor.

The curator's eyes flew open.

The man glanced down at his weapon, looking almost amused. He reached for a second clip
and shoved it into the pistol. "Good-bye," the man with the demon eyes said before shooting the curator through the head.

The curator looked surprised for a moment before falling backwards, dead.

Smiling to himself, the shooter turned and walked away, satisfied that he had done what his teacher had wanted and that the keystone would soon be his.


Silas ran his hands slowly down the tall marble shaft, kneeling before it, muscles taut with excitement. Bent over before it, he put his head to the ground, listening to the stones, searching for where the keystone must be hidden. Finally his prayers were answered with a hollow knocking. One of the stones covered a space! Need drove him to stand straight as he looked around the church.

No one was there. No one would see him do what he had to do. Quickly he brought over a tall iron candle holder to puncture the barrier between him and his prize. Removing his robe he wrapped it around the iron to protect it.

So close to the end of his journey, Silas found himself panting with excitement as he raised his rod ready to pierce the stone into the hollow. Once! Twice! Three times he thrusted the ram into the barrier before finally he was through! Breathing heavily from the effort, he put down his now useless stick before reaching down to grab his treasure.


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