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I thought I did this chapter. Apparently not.

Oh well.

Such is life.

Our chapter begins with Eragon and Saphira bonding by the fact that Saphira has lost a scale and this is HORRIBLE. Saphira, as usual, is being very vain about this and so it’s nothing new. But it seems odd that this is the first time she’s lost a scale, especially after all the combat she’s been in. Perhaps she’s molting? Anyway, while this scene in and of itself isn’t necessarily bad. It’s, in a way, character development (possibly) for Saphira and shows her and Eragon’s bond with each other, the problem is that I’m 210 pages into the book and nothing has happened. They’re sitting around doing nothing and we’re being shown they’re sitting around doing nothing.

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I could have sworn I posted this a week ago. :/

Dust and Ashes

The Varden get out of the gate area and no one seems to notice they’re there in the early morning hours. Apparently the guards in the gate didn’t ring the alarm to alert the rest of the city. Why? Because if they did, Roran’s plan wouldn’t work. I mean, you would think they’d have some sort of alarm for the city gates being breached. As that’s a pretty big thing. Even just runners or something. Especially if the gates are being attacked!

But, no, it’s quiet. And High above gleamed a lone wandering star, a furtive spark in the brightening blue mantle, where the sun's growing radiance had obscured all of the other nighttime jewels" Which is … I believe a very frilly way to say, “Roran saw a star in the sky”.

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A flour made of flame

This is going to be a bad pun as you’ll see. Which I object to strenuously.

Anyway, Roran and Baldor are riding off to the mills for Roran’s Serkit Plan. Behind them are six hundred and fifty men walking. He and Baldor are discussing Baldor’s new baby sister that Eragon Saved from a harelip. It’s a nice bit of sort of character development for Baldor but I’m rather distracted by other things. 1. When Roran gets off his horse someone takes it back to camp. Why did he ride it there in the first place? Especially if everyone else is walking. 2. Why hasn’t anyone noticed this? I mean from the city. Six hundred people walking towards something is pretty suspicious. Six hundred and fifty people walking towards something when they’re the enemy is even more suspicious. Especially if they’re going towards the mills! But the guards at this place aren’t very good at their job as we’ll see as well.

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A Toss of the Bones

And we’re back to Roran. Woo... Have you missed him? I haven’t.

A sentinel comes running up to Roran and others saying that “the” gates are opening. Well the gates closest to them. Roran goes to take a look and yes several hundred horsemen are coming out of the gates and heading right for them. :O Roran is worried, of course, because they’ll overrun his camp as he only has a hundred and fifty people left in camp the rest are off doing Stuff. Roran’s buddies and Brigman, run up weapons in hand and then at the same time Carn is putting on a mail shirt. So he’s doing it with weapons in his hands? Because he’s got weapons in his hands. Maybe he’s juggling them? Tossing one up as he puts an arm through a sleeve?

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Hey look, we’re at the evil mountain again! Woo!

Eragon and Saphira are flying towards the evil mountain and Eragon’s unhappy to see it again because a lot of his unpleasant memories were associated with it.

Erm. I believe the only bad memories associated with it aaaare... finding Sloan and Katrina there? I can’t think of any off the top of my head. His uncle died back home. So, there’s an unpleasant memory. Brom died after they picked up Arya which was not near here. He learned his father was Morzan back in Sudra. He had his first battle in the dwarf lands killing people. Hell, rescuing Katrina is a good thing right? And he totally god-modded Sloan there too. The place kinda sucked?

I don’t know.

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Aroughs pt. 2

So. Where were we?

Ah, yes. People being dumb.

Good. Good. Wait. That’s the entire book.


Roran is getting facts and figures from the others as they fill him in, pretending that he can read, and realizing that yeah, okay, maybe he should learn to read. And then he wonders if Carn can teach him to read on the way back.

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Dancing with Swords.

Paolini tries for irony in our first sentences. In the previous chapter Nasuada said that Roran couldn’t visit Eragon because he would be busy and they couldn’t spread him thin. This chapter opens up with Eragon sitting around drumming his heels on a rock. Hah. Hah.

Eragon’s sitting around with the elves waiting for the Varden to get their acts together so that they can move onto the next place. Moving an army is slow work, I will admit it, but you would think that they would have things down by this point. I mean, they should have a system worked out on how to get things moving. And Eragon should be helping, and so should the elves. Not lounging about on the grass waiting. And they are lounging. It specifically uses the word “lounge” in regards to what they’re doing.

It doesn’t help matters when Eragon comments to Saphira about how they should be better at the moving of the army since they’ve done it so often.

They really should be better organized.

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A Cradle Song

So, we left Eragon taking the baby to his tent to fix the harelip. He is seriously worried about what will happen if he screws up fixing the baby. Scar it for life (hah) and all that other fun stuff. He and Gertrude sit down after Eragon turns on the light. His “elf” eyes can see all right in the dim light but hers cannot. He doesn’t use a lamp but instead creates a floaty ball of light. He also doesn’t say “Brisingr” because that would set his sword on fire. Oh yeah, because learning how to stop the sword from doing that would be silly. Or even just crafting a spell that says, “Don’t burst into flames every time I say Brisingr”. Pfft. Nah. Let’s go with the damn running joke. A joke that was never funny in the first place.

Gertrude is nervous about the werelight, because all of a sudden she was nervous about magic. And elves. She says that the boy she watched over is long gone. Eragon says it’s not true. She says it is. This is sad. But then glossed over to something else. To be exact: Her statement troubled him, but he could not afford to dwell on it, so he pushed it out of his mind and went to his cot. We’ll probably never see this again.

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