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The sound of his voice, the touch of his hand

There’s one big thing that annoys me about this chapter. The most interesting thing happens at the end and we’re just told about it, not shown. It could just be because I find Murtagh more interesting than some of the other characters, but still.this chapter could have been much better handled if it dealt with this last big instead of what I had to read.

What we get is Galbatorix torturing Nasuada. It seems like he’s making up for all that not evil shit he did in the previous three books by being horribly evil in this book. And really, I can’t very much defend my stance on him not being evil here and instead can only complain about how cliched evil he’s being here. He’s so evil that he’s making other people do his evil for him! In this case it’s Murtagh.

Poor baby.

Galby tells her about how he knew her father who was someone else’s servant. One of the other dragon rider’s servants. Who polished Galby’s boots. Is it just me or is anyone else getting uncomfortable implications here?

Anyway, amusingly, Galby says that her father was his foremost enemy after Brom. I say amusingly because he’s putting .. whatever his name is … as a bigger threat than the elves. You know, the ones with all the magic and stuff?

Okay and then… then we learn that the riders apparently kept everything in stasis. They stifled technological and societal growth. That they were soft tyrants who kept everything as is. By killing them all he saved the world.

And then… and then… and then … we just… I don’t even know…

The reason why Galby hasn’t let all this information out into the world is….

Because he wants to find the answer to how can a ruler enforce laws when there are magic users around.




Because “Hiring magic users to act as cops/what not to enforce the laws and capture bad magic users” is apparently not the answer.

*throws book against the wall in frustration and stalks off*

*Comes back after reading some Kylux fic*

Shut up. Let me have my trash.

Apparently - and I quote it’s “one of the most perplexing questions in history”.

I’m not really sure how. I mean governments have been dealing with people who don’t follow their laws for … since there have been government like things. How you enforce them is them might be different depending on the kind of government but… it’s been done for better or for worse.

Galby wants to make it so that no magic user can hurt another person. That they need permission to cast a spell. Even the elves. And that only good magics are allowed - the helpful ones. Benign and beneficial. “Even the elves will be bound by this precept and they shall learn to measure their words carefully or speak not at all.”

As opposed to just not using the ancient language.

But, whatever. This has already passed the beyond stupid and into the why the fuck am I even trying to understand this.

Like he talks about how he’s spent all this time creating wards and stuff to prevent money from being counterfeited but there’s probably some magician out there working on a way around that. But you know what!? Even if he didn’t put magic around the coins there’d be people working on a way to counterfeit them - and without magic. People have been making fake money, I’m sure, since money was around. It’s not like only magic users are criminally inclined or inclined to hurt people.

Don’t normal folks hurt people?

And Nasuada does think he has a point but then stops herself from thinking it.

Nausada shoots back with how Galby’s cause isn’t just because killed a bunch of Urgals to avenge the death of his first dragon or killed a bunch of dragons too. So…. he goes back to torturing her.


Then we get to the part that I wish we’d actually been shown. Apparently after the first time Galby and Murtagh visited her, Murtagh came back completely smashed drunk. And he told her about this guy named Tornac which “Involved a riding mishap and some sort of advice Tornac had given him regarding how an honorable man ought to live”. Who was he? Dunno. Friend or servant or something or another.

Then he apologizes for her being there. It was his idea to save her life. Originally Galby was going to just have her killed (DAMN YOU FOR LISTENING TO HIM) but Murtagh convinced him not to.

And then we learn about his upbringing - or at least we’re told that she learned about his upbringing and how he missed his mother and how he was jealous that Eragon got sent to Carvahall. Nausada found it “Maudlin and self-pitying” and that he was weak. The she’s told how he was abducted and tortured and how Thorn hatching was what broke him. He would do anything to protect Thorn so he gave himself up to Galby.

He then left and… Nausada notices his fingernails. “his nails, she noted, were clean and trimmed, but nowhere near as well cared for as her jailer’s” I DON’T FUCKING CARE ABOUT HIS DAMN NAILS.

Just before he completely leaves she tells him that she can’t forgive him but she understands why he did what he did.


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