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The Wings of a Dragon

This chapter is Eragon, Saphira and Glaedr flying off to find the Vault of Souls.

Now the interesting thing here is that Glaedr is coming with them even though he can’t remember why they’re going to this place they’re going because of that spell. Glaedr did volunteer to go, but I’m just wondering why he’s not saying every so often “Where are we going?” Admittedly Glaedr has been quiet for a good part of the trip, but whatever.

Eragon spends some of the chapter musing over the fact that all the bloodshed “had left him feeling as if he was no longer quite himself” and that “On the Varden’s behalf, he had killed hundreds of soldiers - few of whom had even the slighted chance of harming him - and though his actions had been justified, the memories troubled him. He did not want every fight to be desperate and every opponent to be his equal of his better - far from it - but at the same time, the easy slaughter of so many made him feel more like a butcher than a warrior. Death, he had become to believe, was a corrosive thing, and the more he was around it, the more it gnawed away at who he was.”

Which is a legit thing to feel, I think. But why now? I guess because he’s distracted by other things. But he’s had down time before to not think about it. To think about it. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t go around killing people - it is, theoretically, a war. It’s just… I don’t know… a bit late?

They fly along - there’s a weird moment when Eragon’s internal dialog uses one of Saphira’s weird description of things for a hawks “the fierce, hook-clawed, yellow-beaked raptors” which makes me think that this chapter might have been from Saphira’s POV originally - because we’ve never seen Eragon think about something like this before.

Either that or they’re really mind-melding now.

They fly a lot and eventually Saphira asks Glaedr to tell them a story.

What story?

How Glaedr and Oromis were captured and then escaped from the Forsworn.

This is an interesting story on several levels. First off we learn that dragon riders didn’t consider Galbatorix at the beginning to be dangerous. “We were concerned, of course, but no more than if we had discovered that a Shade was stalking the land.”

If we recall, Shades are horribly evil beings that are nearly impossible to kill. That to kill one is considered to be a great achievement especially if you don’t get killed. I would consider that to be exceptionally worrisome.

But, they didn’t think much about it.

Cleary Paolini has forgotten his monster threat levels.

Last I checked Shades were on the Beholder level of OHGODFUCKNORUNAWAY!!!! but here it’s being presented on the level of Oh. Look. Some Orcs. when you can one hit Orcs dead.

Also they weren’t concerned that Galby had gotten a disciple because he was only a novice. Thus he didn’t know better. But full fledged dragon riders should be above such weaknesses! Apparently spite is something that happens to a person who is corrupted. “For only when they were tempted did they reveal the extent to which their spite and weaknesses had corrupted them. Some wanted revenge for old hurts; others believed that, by virtue of our power, dragons and Riders deserved to rule over the whole of Alagaesia, and others, I’m afraid to say, simply enjoyed the chance to tear down what was and indulge themselves however they wanted.”

So, like normal people then?

Petty, arrogant, power corrupts people.

Or politicians…

One of the two.

Older riders didn’t see any problems, didn’t believe Glaedr and Oromis about possible bad things happening. Of course.

Glaedr, Oromis went out scouting with two elf riders by the name of Kialandi and Formora who we’re supposed to recognize but I have no fucking clue who they are. Eragon knows who they are. I’m going to guess they’re some Foresworn.

Anyway. The three of them go off together and then the two elves ATTACK! Well, actually they ENTRAP. And there’s nothing Oromis and Glaedr can do about it because they’re not being attacked directly. “Again, their magic did not hurt us, and thus we had no defense against it.”

Which is interesting.

And stupid.

Because I would think that after all these years people would work out a way to defend yourself against these sorts of spells. But then again, this is the magic system that requires mental combat so you know exactly what spell they used so you can breach it. Or something.

So for hours they fought with their minds … as you do in this world. I know that it’s supposed to be probably like something from the X-Men or something, but we never see anything like that. It’s just people staring at each other.

Despite being trapped as they were, Oromis is still able to move them. He shifts them “a finger’s-breadth away from where we had been standing”.

By doing that, in this particular spell, he not only teleported them but “shifted the very substance of our flesh, rearranged it so that we were no longer what we once were. Many of the smallest parts of our bodies can be exchanged for one another without ill effect, and so he did with every muscle, bone and organ”.
So, what I think happened is that Oromis shuffled their cells around which made all the enchantments around them useless.

Which means these are really sucky magical enchantments. Sure, it’s a very powerful spell, apparently. But people are changing their cells all the time, old ones are sloughed off and the new ones are created. By that logic the spells shouldn’t have contained him more than a few moments or minutes at most.

At least to me. Anyone could have different ideas. But that’s how I read it.

One of the elves, when they realized what was going on, tried to cast a spell that would prevent Oromis from manipulating magic. They didn’t do it to the dragon because it might kill him or sever him from his heart of hearts.”Thus create two independent versions of me that they would have to subdue”

So, I’m feeling like this whole shifting thing will come into play at some point. As is this idea of severing a dragon’s heart of hearts from the dragon while the dragon was still alive.

Interestingly, we never get the names of the evil elves’ dragons. AND one of the dragons is “an ugly brown thing” because we can’t have a good looking evil dragon, now can we? Though it does leave me to wonder do the dragons have a choice in the matter or is it all up to the riders on if they betray the other riders or not. Because we’ve already seen that ugly = evil in the Eragon verse, however we’ve also seen that dragons are the minions of their riders.

It could very well be both! But from what I’ve read so far, it seems like dragons tend to be reluctant. Which then makes me wonder about Galby’s dragon.

Oromis is skilled enough in magic to avoid getting completely cut off but the shuffling - yes, that’s what he calls it - brought forth a weakness that crippled the elf. Glaedr fights off the dragons - again, never naming the two dragons - however, they also have a dragon’s heart of hearts with them, who does get named. But we know she’s an unwilling participant because her rider is slain - so she gets a name.

They flee and this is when Glaedr loses his leg. It’s cut off with a sword.I imagine it’s magic sword. But still, being able to cut off a dragon’s leg… With what must have been a single swipe considering what was going on… that’s a pretty impressive sword. Vorpal, apparently.

Anyway, they get away and return home. Once there they manage to convince the others that yes, Galby is a bad guy and yes, Galby is coming for them. While everyone else rushes to the defense of the city Oromis and Glaedr - who aren’t in any shape to fight- leave and take Brom and Saphira (the other one) with them. CONVENIENT LIKE. and go off to the Elves to heal Oromis, but they couldn’t do anything. Brom and Saphira (the other one) go back to fight and that’s when Saphira (the other one) dies. Oromis calls Saphira (the other one) Saphira’s namesake. But I don’t know if it counts as a namesake if you just pull the name out of the air and then later learn someone else who died had it.

I could be wrong.

But that’s how I feel about it.

The story ends and they finally get to Teirn where the lighthouse is lit. Which means there’s a storm coming. When the land, Eragon goes sprinting back and forth from Saphira to a piece of wood and back again until he was wobbly and warm.

I’m not really sure why.

To get the stiffness out?

Wouldn’t stretches be better?

I don’t know.

Especially since his legs end up being “wobbly” which can’t be good. Since a storm is coming, they have to decide if Saphira will take the longer and safer way or the shorter and more dangerous way.

Of course they take the more dangerous way.


Date: 2015-11-07 04:55 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] cyrej
"This chapter is Eragon, Saphira and Glaedr flying off to find the Vault of Souls." - ahaha at first glance I thought this was going to be a bad inheritance series fanfic you wrote (after getting here by random button).

Actually just the kind of blog I like, and I never managed to drag myself through books 3+ myself.


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