Aug. 31st, 2015

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Well, in this chapter we learn that Eragon has good ideas and bad ideas.

He’s getting ready to secretly fly out to the mystical magical dragon city that no one remembers and so he needs to tell people that he’s going. Apparently he needs to tell a lot of people that he’s going because they’ll notice he’s gone. He tells the elves because they’ll need to create a fake Eragon and Saphira. He tells all his guards because … they won’t be guarding him. He tells the other leaders because they’re the other leaders. The way he supposedly gets around the people possibly talking about him not being there is by making all these people swear an oath of secrecy in the ancient language.

Which is all well and good except for one, small tiny itsy-bitsy problem: Other people have probably heard what Eragon has been saying. Common soldiers, washerwomen, pages, nameless NPCs that are all over the place. After all we know from previous chapters that the tent walls are very thin - Eragon did hear some soldiers talking about him without them realizing he heard them, so what would stop others from hearing him - especially when he said it loud enough that the entire group of his guards could hear it in front of his tent.

But this is clearly something that doesn’t matter to Eragon because they are just nameless NPCs doomed to existing in the background and thus not real people. He’s talked to all the real people that matter - the named PCs and NPCs - the Nighthawks count as named NPCs because they’re “the Nighthawks” even if individuals aren’t recognized by any sort of name. He doesn’t have to worry about these non-entity NPCs because they’re just painted figures in the matt background or computer generated canon fodder.

Other than that, this was a PERFECT plan.

Beyond, you know, telling a lot of people your secret plans…

Next chapter - Nausada!



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