Aug. 24th, 2015

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Questions Unanswered

Aka: more things acting as filler.

Eragon decides that he wants to go and visit this vault of souls or what not. The See Also wasn’t very helpful. It just said that the guy was one of the first riders to explore the island. Ooh.. So the city is on an island…. perhaps that makes MUCH more sense. I just wish he mentioned it earlier. If he did, I didn’t notice it.

He tells Arya and Gleadr about what happened with him and Solembum, however the dragon and elf have been hit by a forgetting spell. Whenever Eragon speaks the name of the place he wants to go to, they forget it. Which is a very annoying story device. I never liked it in particular. Perhaps other people might, but it seems just like a way to create false conflict and mystery. And why is it that only one person can remember it sometimes? And what about writing it down? I’m sure there’s a way to work around it or something, but it just feels lazy. Though, I’m sure there’s pretty good stories where this happens, but I haven’t read them.

Also, the amount of power that would be required to wipe EVERYONE’s minds… I mean if you can do that really… there’s lots of things you can do. Because that’s a lot of power there. I suppose you wouldn’t have to effect EVERYONE in the entire world, just the people in the continent, but still, that’s a hella of a lot of people.

And they just go round and round in circles for several pages before Eragon figures out that Arya and Glaedr can’t remember what he’s saying. Saphira does. And for an actual decent reason, her and Eragon’s minds are perma-linked and entwined. Though it’d be nice if it didn’t have to be done in the first place.

In any case it’s decided that Eragon will go to the dragon rider’s city.

In a nice little bit, there’s a moment where Eragon hesitates because he sees that Arya wants to come. He nicely, apologetically says that he can’t take her because Saphira can fly faster with one. And she agrees with him but is still wistful. It’s a really human moment and I wish there could be more of them.


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